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Channel 4′s The Promise: A Twitter Constellation

As social media becomes more and more popular it’s not just businesses who are jumping on this new way of promoting, commenting and capturing public opinions, the mainstream media are also hot on social media’s heels. Whether it be your favourite soap, reality show or news programme, Twitter’s hashtags make it easy for you to

Whiskey hidden inside robot (.txt file)

After SEO blogger Malcolm Coles revelation that The Daily Mail had hidden an advertisement for a SEO manager within a robots.txt file on the site (a simple text file that stops search engines recognising the file and its commands) from crawling the site, selected pages in the site, or selected file types in the site)

Sony Europe’s social media success story: The Twilight Football Campaign

For Sony Europe their recent social media campaign for their new low-light photo cameras was something very different indeed. Whilst many international companies like Old Spice, Tipex and Cisco are used to product launches that are social network heavy or sometimes even solely online launches, with the offline stuff coming much later on, Sony is

14 Million fans and not a sales pitch in sight: Social media the Starbucks way

Getting the balance right on any of your social networks is a very hard thing to master. We know you think you have a great new product that people should be talking about every second of the day, but without a basis of a relationship, a loyalty already built up, why are people going to