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Channel 4′s The Promise: A Twitter Constellation

As social media becomes more and more popular it’s not just businesses who are jumping on this new way of promoting, commenting and capturing public opinions, the mainstream media are also hot on social media’s heels. Whether it be your favourite soap, reality show or news programme, Twitter’s hashtags make it easy for you to

Social Selling: The Idea Writer by Teressa Lezzi

If you’re looking for a book that details the rise of the new social media initiatives, their successes, failures and what the future looks like you couldn’t go far wrong with the new book by Old Spice and Burger King’s The Wall Street Journals book review by Melanie Wells, which is a great read.

Happy New Year and a little catch up from a little bird

Well hello there 2011! You’re looking devilishly good already if we do say so ourselves. It’s been a little while since A Little Bird blogged but lucky that’s because we’ve been super busy with all our lovely new clients, and not because we had nothing interesting to say! Since we last wrote we’ve had lots

Get ready for the social search

Now Facebook and Bing have joined forces you can expect to start seeing the relevant links your friends have ‘liked’ pop in your search results when using the Microsoft search engine. It also works the other way round with Bing results appearing within Facebook too. Friends are able to ’like’ pages and articles on sites