What we do and how we do it

We make social media and online marketing strategies work for you and your business. This in turn makes lots of lovely people interested in what you do and then, the important part, makes them part with their shiny pennies. We also aim to turn these lovely people into very loyal patrons by making sure your online marketing also offers a brilliant customer service for your clients. Simple eh?

Didn’t understand any of the above? No problem.
That’s what we’re here for

You probably already know that your business needs some kind of online marketing strategy but knowing where to start is the problem. That’s where we can help. In 2010 82%* of all companies are planning to incorporate online media into their marketing and PR plans, however that doesn’t mean 82% of them will be getting it right. Social media is so new that very few companies are using it effectively, and their biggest barrier in making it a success is understanding what it is and just how powerful it can be. Social media can help give you that online presence you’ve been looking for, by being high impact due to the already existent and large user-base but without the high cost of websites and advertising.

* Source: Everything PR