Get ready for the social search

Bing and Facebook logosNow Facebook and Bing have joined forces you can expect to start seeing the relevant links your friends have ‘liked’ pop in your search results when using the Microsoft search engine. It also works the other way round with Bing results appearing within Facebook too.

Friends are able to ’like’ pages and articles on sites that use Facebook’s Open Graph – a social plug-in that was launched earlier this year. These links will also be fine-tuned, with those that a mutual friend on Facebook appearing highest in the search results.

Speaking on the Facebook blog, spokesman Bret Taylor said:

Your friends have ’liked’ lots of things all over the web, and now, instead of stumbling across a new movie or having to look at a friend’s profile to see which restaurants they like, we’re bringing everything together in one place… When you search for something on Bing or in web results on Facebook (powered by Bing), you’ll be able to see your friends’ faces next to web pages they’ve liked. So you can lean on friends to figure out the best websites for your search.

This service is currently only available in the United States, but both companies said these changes will not be instantaneous and that users of both Bing and Facebook will be made aware of the changes as they are slowly rolled out.

Facebook, like with so many of it’s other new applications, will be automatically activating this feature on all accounts, making the user, yet again, have to work their way around the confusing account settings to turn the damn thing off.

All in all it appears everyone is trying to make search results more social and part of the communities and networks that are already in existence. It was only a month ago that Bing launched a Twitter feature which recommends people to follow based on search results.

Is this a function you are looking forward to using?
Or are you fed of Facebook appearing on every web page you look at?


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